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Loy Luo 's diary in New York

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Jan 8-9 Istanbul visits the Orthodox Cathedral

Jan 9 John F. Kennedy International Airport

Jan 10  Jamaica, NY 135th Ave

Jan 10  Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan & Long Island, NY.

Zhang Baoqi, an artist from NY, accompanied him to Chelsea Gallery Street in Manhattan Chinatown.

Jan 12 Long Island City. Stayed in a Flushing Hotel to visit the Brooklyn artist Wei Jia.

His younger brother, Providence, Pawtucket & Braintree, Rhode Island & Massachusetts, lived in Boston.

Jan 14 Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Northeastern University & Wentworth Institute of Technology Roxbury Crossing & Boston, MA

Jan 15 Boston, Massachusetts

Jan 15 Philadelphia-old City S Second St

Jan 16 The Philadelphia Museum of Art, 13th ST & the City Hall of Philadelphia, PA

Jan 17 Philadelphia -- Franklintown Pennsylvania Ave, N 20th St, Benjamin Franklin Pkwy & Vine St

The collections of the Philadelphia Museum and the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia are almost a collection of condensed modern art history!

There was Twombly, Brancusi, Jasper Johns; Sountine, Modigliani, Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse, Marcel Duchamp…

Jan 17 Washington, DC, New York Ave NW, K St NW &11th St NW

Jan 18 Washington District of Columbia, Adams Morgan Belmont Rd NW & 18th St NW

Jan 19 Washington DC Donald W.Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture, Capital One Arena & Gallery Place

Jan 20 Massachusetts Ave NW, Ninth St NW & Pennsylvania Ave NW

National Mall & Smithsonian Institution Building Washington DC

Jan 21 National Mall W, DC

Jan 21-22 National Gallery of Art & East Seaton Park

Jan 22 Ramblewood, NJ-73 S

There were so many museums in Washington that I couldn't leave them. I stayed for five days. Rembrandt, Vermeer, Constable…

Mark Rothko, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Newman, Richard Mosse

Jan 23 New York & Secaucus Central Park, Manhattan & Long Island, NY visited the Lin Yan art exhibition.

WeChat wrote: if you only cry in winter, the spring will be warm and the flowers will bloom and the sun will be late for sowing.

Visited the Met in the evening.

Jan 26 I visited the Metropolitan Museum for four days in a row. I’m hungry, and my feet are aching.

Jan 27 Long Island City & Poughkeepsie. I met the artist Zheng Xuewu at the annual meeting of the New York Artists Association.

Jan 28 New Paltz Hawks & New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce

Visit the library of Zheng Xuewu's university

Vassar College Poughkeepsie & High Falls

Visiting the small but fine museum of Vassar University Museum. I believe Zheng Xuewu said that this is the best university museum in the United States.

Met the artist Toby who runs a home stay at night and became good friends.

Jan 29 High Falls Clove Valley Rd Lincoln Park & High Falls. Commuted to Toby and Evan's home.

Jan 30 High Falls & Marbletown

Jan 31 Lincoln Park, 617 Conifer Ln & Hinsdale St. I was introduced by Toby to Evan's home in Kingston.

Adirondack Park goes north to Vermont, where Mr. Evan's late parents' big house is located. With other family members, is a musician who turned out to be an old mine owner.

Schroon Lake, Moriah Center, Keene Valley, New Russia & North Hudson, NY

Feb 3, Lincoln Park & Kingston Library

Back with the flu, Feb. 4, Lincoln Park & Kingston Hudson River Maritime Museum

Feb 7 Fedex is too expensive to purchase medical gloves and masks

Feb 8 HealthAlliance at - Broadway Campus emergency. Novelty Champions league

Feb 9 at home

Feb 10 Saw the WeChat New York luxury car parade.

Evan accompanied me to return the car. It was raining and snowing all the way, racing the car. Mr. Evan was very excited and said he would support my art.

Feb 11 Watched the WeChat Japanese Matsuyama dance show. Mr. Evan gave me a paint sketch book.

Feb 12 Evan's daughter and friends cook dinner.

Feb 13 Evan took me to visit his painter friend Mike's studio and the three of us went to the oldest bar and restaurant in America.

Feb 14 Evan sent me back to New York City via Langbridge.

Went to the Riverside Community Park, the Wallkill River Ulster Park, & Tuxedo Park

Feb 15 Check into central Park Northwest Youth Hostel

Feb 16, Windowless apartment on 2nd Street, Manhattan

Feb 20 bought some oil painting materials. The subway is very empty. People gather in the street, and do not wear masks.

Feb 22 Flatiron & East Harlem Manhattan

Went to White Box to see the exhibition and eat together. No one wore a mask.

Feb 23 Walking through the streets with hundreds of people marching, there is a shocking picture of a view car full of people without masks.

The first time I passed Times Square and the Nasdaq billboards, I saw street portraits and how street artists paint people.

Feb 24 was the first time for me to draw a WeChat photo in my apartment, which was drawn by Wang Rui, the owner of an old neighbor diving club, and he immediately shared it on WeChat, which was well received by everyone. I met with Juan working for WhiteBox at the MoMA and became a member of MoMA to collect Juan's portrait pictures.

Feb 25 Painted Juan and Hou Tai.

Feb 26, Juan’s portrait was appreciated by Teacher Wang Chunchen. the portrait of Teacher Chun Chen and his father may be utilitarian, or it may be a photo problem, the portrait is always bad, Teacher Chun Chen repeatedly asked me to draw some relaxation and the landlord unhappy, both sides decided to check out and get a refund.

Checking into the Brooklyn Youth Hostel on Feb 27, and invited to the MoMA Entrepreneurs’ annual conference in the evening, Judd's solo show was attended by thousands of people, none wearing masks, and all in horror.

Feb 28 The first order came from Saa, a young black man.

The second order came from former gallery owner Joseph, who also does movies and massages. He took time out of his busy schedule to help me complete the short film for the group exhibition. He is a very capable man.

Feb 29 know the grocer N, he let me go to their shop’s front booth for a portrait. Conversation went back and forth to ask a lot of prices. After collecting more than 50 photos of N, I found that some people could not find me in front of the camera, which led to the initial question of "Who am I?”

Came back to the hotel to draw a portrait of a Turkish couple, but without much time, I drew very cartoonishly, a little embarrassed.

Mar 1 Brooklyn, NY. Broadway wrote a project proposal to participate in The Technology and Art Exhibition curated by Qian Zhijian of New York University and received an order of Mickal's deceased head.

Mar 2 New York - Chinatown - Mott St & Broadway

Got orders from Vietnamese people

-Nolita & Noho-Manhattan, NY

In the evening, Suzanna entertained me at an Italian restaurant. I gave her a tea set as a gift.

Mar 3 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

Drew the Vietnamese people.

Mar 4 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

He painted the dead old man, the dancing girl, and hated the portrait for not being charming.

I went to Suzanna's art show on paper. It didn't open.

Mar 5 Went to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island City, NY

Joseph filmed and edited for me at 8 A.M.

Drew the old man, drew the dancer. Continued to draw Wang Chunchen.

At a paper art exhibition on Manhattan's East Pier, no one wore a face mask.

Mar 6 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

A portrait of the black actor Mark.

Drew a picture of a couple for Sasha, a Russian American.

Mar 7 New York, NY-12th Ave, Eighth Ave & W 50th St

The VIP card Feng Lianghong gave to visit the Armory Show seemed to be $60.

Mar 8 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

Japanese youth go back home. I drew a sketch, and we gathered in the desk chat. Am very happy

Mar 10 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

Portraits of N

Suzanne invited her to a Times Square art event in an upstairs outdoor bar. They like my talk and want to make friends with me.

Come back at night and felt the dirt on the streets of New York.

Mar 11 Brooklyn, NY-Lafayette Ave & Broadway

I don't know why I took the subway.

I did a portrait of Myles, because I didn't see it until three months after the outbreak.

I was filmed working hard.

Mar 12 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

Painting a portrait of the wife and son of the Taiwan businessman Sam Lin. He said he wanted to work with me.

Mar 13 Received a letter urging payment from Kingston Hospital. Lin Hongxiang and German assistant lawyer Maral called me and wrote to me, refusing to pay, because everyone agreed that I was making a contribution to fight against the epidemic when I was diagnosed with a cold one month ago.

Mar 14 Manhattan & Long Island, NY

Lin WeChat links to me: first coronavirus death in New York, US passes emergency relief bill.

Drew a portrait of Maral's mother and daughter. Everyone was happy to get together in front of my painting as if it were a little exhibition, but the time was tight, otherwise I could have done better.

Brooklyn, NY - Broadway

Maral is a social activist because she is happy to get together and go to the riverbank to get some sun, and go for night trips

Mar 15 level of Ave

East Harlem - E121st St, Amsterdam Ave & E 116th St

Mar 15 level of Ave

East Harlem - E121st St, Amsterdam Ave & E 116th St

Went to White Box to see Xu Bing ai Weiwei Marco Lu and other old American artists’ exhibition. I was surrounded by a group of Japanese artists saying I was very fashionable and Japanese.

A lot of people wear masks. I don't. I have ice in my heart.

Professor Qian's group exhibition postponing Han.

Mar 18 W 25th St, Seventh Ave, W 24th St, Broadway, E Houston St, MacDougal Alley & W 16th St

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many people lost their jobs and stopped drawing pictures. I took the picture box and took the subway to Manhattan to collect images. One day, I collected one of a black girl, a young black Graves, a white policeman and a Chinese policeman Zheng. The girl finally disagreed with the painting.

In the lobby where Graves worked, he found "THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC,†a book he had seen in Venice three years earlier.

Mar 19 Brooklyn, NY-Broadway

Drew all day.

Mar 20 Broadway, Seventh Ave, W 16th St, W concert St & W 24th St

When Graves was presented with paintings, he was surprised to find no one willing to collect them on his way back. It seemed that the atmosphere was getting worse and worse day by day.

When I saw my shadow in the subway window, I felt the shadow of death.

Mar 21 Broadway, Marcy Ave, W 42nd St, Seventh Ave, Canal St & Rodney St

Mr. Huang Hong sent pictures to me.

Street tour and no harvest, but the old classmate Xiaohua called sponsorship money, I finally replied to her "hope I am still alive". During this time, I often thought, what if this was the last day of my life?

Mar 22 Rodney St, Broadway, Division Ave, Havemeyer St & Keap St

Early in the morning, the youth Brigade suddenly announced the emergency close, and we had to clean up the house.

The police came in the evening, urging people to leave before they could. I got into Sasha's caravan, and ran away with six other youths looking for temporary accommodation. We finally clubbed together to Airbnb for an apartment in Queens. For me, it may be more of a psychological experience. I am curious about how the American youth react to this unprecedented change. While for a foreigner, I may be confident because I think the organization will be confident. Who knows whether there will be real looting violence in the disaster area.

In the afternoon, he also took pictures of Blue, who hasn't seen the original because he has been out of work.

Mar 23 Elmhurst, NY-82nd St, 41st Ave & 83rd St

Searching for a place to live at midnight was quite different. Sasha, Greig and I were in the cab, with Mark, Michel, Michelle, Allen and the luggage piled on the roof behind the iron mesh.

During the day, I began to draw Lingyuan and Blue…

Mar 24 Elmhurst - Long Island, NY

A screw was missing from the painting case. I followed a Chinese man who had been in America for 20 years to many hardware stores. They were all closed.

Mar 25 Elmhurst, NY-Baxter Ave & 82nd St

Draw Mr. Huang Hong, draw Ling Yuan

Mar 26 81st, 41st Ave, 82nd St & 79th St

Adjusted Blue’s portrait and drew Allen.

Mar 28 41st Ave, 81st St & 82nd

Wang Huaxiang, on Facebook, wasted some saliva, nothing, but also a liar like painting

Greig is a cook and cooks with Sasha late at night.

Mar 29 Jackson Heights, Elmhurst & Long Island City

I left Queens and headed for Manhattan, and Allen helped me with my luggage.

Went to the Pennsylvania Plaza

Stayed in the hotel next to Times Square to continue painting Wang Huaxiang.

Mar 30 Manhattan NY

A lot of homeless people are begging in Times Square, but there's a lot of military police around, and I’m a little nervous. The military and police were found not wearing masks.

Mar 31 Pennsylvania Plaza New York - Midtown West W 45th Sr, 11th Ave, W 46th St & 12th Ave

Move to the Sky apartment on the West Coast. There's a laundry room inside, and it's fun, and the view is good enough to see half the world.

A friend sent a recent night shot of the Comfort ship nearby.

Began painting "Zhang Wei”

Apr 1 Manhattan, NY

Night trips, shouting in the direction of police cars, I love you plague; It was night, and the police lights on the top of the Empire State Building went on.

Continued to draw the thinker Myles and the cheater "Zhang Wei”.

Apr 2 W45th St & 11th Ave

Took pictures of Paula.

Apr 3 W45th St & Jefferson Ave

Made a portrait of Kyoko

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St & Architects Ave

Registered Etsy

Drew Kobe and his daughter.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Drew Paula.

New York-Midtown West-w44rd St, 12th Ave, W 42nd St & W 43rd St

Riverside park

Apr 8 New York-Midtown West-W43rd St W42nd St, 11th Ave, Eighth Ave & W 41st St

A dead bird was seen on the road.

Begin painting Chang Sheng

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Painting xiaohua

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St & W 42nd St

Often to the river in a daze, I rarely go downstairs to look at the photos at this time haggard melancholy, maybe should not live near the water.

Apr 11 W43rd St

Li Ao's daughter, Li Wen, sent a warning on Facebook, saying that there were too many cheats among my friends, so please block them.

I looked for volunteer opportunities on the internet, but it was very troublesome to apply. Later, I thought I could do something better and maybe contribute more to mankind

WeChat speaks in the faith of globalization

Painting xiaohua

Apr 12 New York - W42nd St, W44th St & W 43rd St

Carrying the picture box to the riverside park, saw the dog skateboard, it was adorable. The painting box was blown over by the wind, and a woman without a mask came to help. Subconsciously she retreated, and then I felt sorry

After seeing many people and dogs having fun, I first came up with the idea of drawing a dog. Sure enough, I met a neighbor walking his dog at the door. I took a video and left the wrong phone number

Apr13-15 New York - W43rd St

Are painting Xiaohua or looking at jiang Xia, the mood is melancholy

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

The first time I participated in the video conference and began to draw Liang Chunxiao. Because I couldn't be a volunteer myself, I said I would draw pictures for Terra for free when I met her downstairs. I didn't choose the right angle when I drew the pictures.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Still painting Xu Jianguo and Ji Son Wang Chunchen. Always painting is not ideal, I am sure because of the photo problem.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Meet Racha, Filipino, meet Herry and his Mona.

At Paula's cheap supermarket, there was a long line of people wearing face masks. For the first time, it feels like Americans are really paying attention to masks and safe distances.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Paula was pleased with her portrait.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Painting Porter Richard, the volunteer Terra and a dog named Mona.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Drew a neighbor's crafty little yellow dog.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Drew Mona.

Apr 25 New York - 11th Ave, W 58th St, Freedom PI S & -w43rd St

Took pictures of two other dogs, a big brown dog and a little black dog.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Took a shot of a neighbor’s rhubarb dog, The painting of the crafty little yellow came out good.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Painting the little black dog, Ma Bo sent photos.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Drew the big brown dog, and the rhubarb came out well drawn.

New York - Midtown West - W43rd St

Started painting Racha

Apr 30

Moving to a temporary home, New York City is full of old houses, especially darkrooms and small kitchens. And not very comfortable. The Japanese hosts don't have time to talk to you, but it's hard enough to receive a variety of guests every day.

May 1 Dutch St, Fulton St & Orchard St

Moving to Fulton Street, the spacious living room and kitchen are truly delightful, and I’m buying wine and flowers to celebrate leaving the melancholic river.

May 2 Fulton St, Dutch St, John St, Maiden Ln, William St & Park PI

Fun mood selfie, drew Ma Bo, collected Mooly’s picture.

May 3 Manhattan, NY

Painting Mooly. Received Andrew M. Cuomo’s email, several celebrity inns.

May 4 Gold St, Fulton St, Dutch St & Beekman St

Continued to draw Ma Bo, go to the hospital as an art volunteer, collect pictures of a student nurse Angie.

May 6 Hudson River & Manhattan, NY

Sent the painting to Racha, she is very moved.

Sent painting to Mooly, he is a little too crisp.

May 8

WeChat review: mask issues, important time points, masks not present at major parties.

May 9 New York, NY-William St & John St

Took a picture of Steven and started drawing Aselly

May 10 New York, NY Fulton St, William St, Dutch St & John St

Collected Nigres’ pictures and drew Angie

May12 New York, Ny-Fulton St & Nassau St

Let's draw Steven and Nigres.

May 13 Fulton St, William St, John St, Nassau St & Dutch St

Collected pictures of John and Freddy.

May 15 John St, Fulton St, Nassau St & Dutch St 

Freddy becomes a fan.

May 16 Fulton St, Ann St, Dutch St, William St & Nassau St capture Laura images

The tapping pierced the cracks of the city

Reggie’s images captured by May 20. Went toFulton St, Dutch St, Gold St, John St, Brooklyn Bridge & Rose St

May 21-22 Manhattan & Long Island, NY 

Steven and John’s, paintings, video and Leo’s images.

Participated in the video conference of the art Season Association for the first time

May 23, New York, NY

May 24 Collected Ted’s images and received a list of the dead from the New York Times.

May 29 Fulton St, William St, Beekman St, John St, Nassau St, Dutch St & Gold St

Received Kathie’s image and captured Monica's image.

May 30 Fulton St, Ann St & Dutch St.

Completed The Portrait of Raggie, named "Reminisce of the Past”.

May 31-1 Fulton St, Ann St & Dutch St.

Moved to a hotel on Ann St for 2 days. It had a big window view, and I a collected city mountain video.

Jun 1

Jun 2 New York-Manhattan,NY

Capture Biagio’s images

Moved to 49th St Radio City Apartment for a day.

The whole street is covered with wooden walls to prevent looting. A construction park with pictures of Robert and his daughter, Kirstyn the acrobat, and Jaime.

Police were out in force, many streets were cordoned off and helicopters were in the sky. Many of the demonstrators were still excited on their way back from the midnight curfew.

Jun 3 New York - Eighth Ave

Moving to the little squirrel in Central Park, apartment 7 Ave 54th St

Collected Jack’s picture

Jun 4 New York-Seventh Ave & W 57th St

The apartment was an old one from before World War II. It was large, with good lighting and enough room for painting. The roommates were three black individuals (one left later). At this time, there was a Black Lives Matter parade, almost every day. It was very spectacular. I insist that this should not be an ethnic issue, but a humanitarian one.

Jun 5 New York-Seventh Ave

B: Painting. The streets were depressed. The shops were almost closed.

Jun 6 Seventh Ave & Broadway

Drew pictures and admired the beauty of the old apartment.

New York, NY-W 54th St, W 56th St, Sixth Ave, W 55th St & West Dr

Myles came to fetch the painting, and we chatted in Central Park, talking about his black and white parents and his future plans.

Jun 7 New York-seventh Ave, W54th St & W 55th St

Drew and took selfies. Sent WeChat messages.

New York - Manhattan, NY

Another seven-minute procession passed by the window. I rode downtown to meet Joseph and talk about the exhibition. In the middle, there was a big party. The organizers were passionate.

When I came back, I met some street stalls and one of them tried to sell me treasure boxes. Saw a black girl sleeping rough. The image was very graphic and I took a photo. I met the black police during the march the other day and spoke of hardship.

Jun 10 In Central Park, Jack looked at the painting and felt that his face in the picture was thinner and more three-dimensional than that in the picture, so he returned it and said that he would adjust it again. A week later, Jack texted that he didn't want a portrait. He said he was looking forward to my soul. Kept in touch.

Jun 11 New York, ny-central Park S, Seventh Ave, W 54th St, Broadway, W 56th St & Eighth Ave

Biagio and Ted want paintings.

Photographing a black janitor is a bit Quasimodo, but he is proud and not happy to be photographed by an artist.

On Jun 13, I took a bus to SoHo to talk with Joseph. The meeting was very short and he was very busy. He said that his gallery could be my sponsor and that I didn't really need 1

In the afternoon, Biagio buys drinks and has an outdoor table and chair to eat and drink. It feels like normal life is about to return.

Took pictures of some friends (Giovanni, Angelo, Pasquale) who had no motivation to paint and was scared by unreliable people.

When buying food, I saw the parade again. I felt that the expression of the people in the parade was like a carnival.

Jun 15 Biagio invited his colleagues to New Jersey to record a music video of the bridge and filmed the restaurant owner cleaning it himself.

Camillo, the conservator, asked me to paint a portrait of his father and son as a Father's Day gift.

Jun 16 visa extension, the embassy phone disconnected.

Collection of Leo’s family group photo, wanted him to draw the American Dream family portrait, but he wouldn’t.

Jun 17 New York, NY-Seventh Ave, W 52th St,W 55th St & Sixth Ave

Painted, White Box for exhibition, continuous exhaustion. Return halfway in a bad mood. Juan replied that you should be glad that you survived the plague.

Eat shrimp in the evening, feel better, woman!

Jun 18 New York, NY-seventh Ave, W 44th St,W 54th St,W 42nd St & W 43rd St

I tried to apply for a visa extension on the internet by myself. I was a bit hesitant. Finally, I found a lawyer to do it.

My friend in Beijing asked me when I would return and checked my ticket.

Jun 19 Manhattan, NY

It was my birthday and no one remembered, only my old neighbor Sandra from Beijing sent a warm congratulations on WeChat.

I went to The Chinatown law office, and took photos of many street sleepers, and found that I actually lived next to MoMA.

I tried to paint my own portrait in oil, and I painted the portrait of my black landlord in oil.

Jun 20 New York, NY-E 121st St, Third Ave, W57th St, E 96th St & Seventh Ave

Went to White Box to make a dialogue, Luo Qing and Thomas conjoined their individual exhibitions. When I came out, I was confronted by tens of thousands of people cycling on 3rd Ave. I stood in the middle of the bicycle circle, photographing and being photographed.

Jun 20-21 Eighth Ave & Seventh Ave

I was too tired for twenty nights. When I was standing in the bed and pulling the electric fan, I suddenly fainted and landed on the ground. The painting box was smashed and my body was bruised.

Jun 21 The supermarket took pictures of David.

Jun 22 Macy's & Penn Station - New York, NY

Mike, a lawyer who lives in House, New Jersey, feels good about himself. He says it's a bit far but it's worth it

I saw a few white street sleepers on the road, with decent black men with jobs next to them.

Jun 23

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