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Loy Luo Resume

Loy Luo Art Studio

98 Mott St. #600A

New York, NY 10013



Tel: 347-459-7255

Ins: @loyluo

Bio &CV

Loy Luo Art Studio

98 Mott St. #600A

New York, NY 10013



Tel: 347-459-7255

Ins: @loyluo

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Loy Luo is an artist based in New York. She received a master’s degree from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2010 and taught art at the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Management from 2010 to 2012.


Luo's focus has been painting and sculpting. She is also a concept and performance artist, a poet, a vocalist, and a writer. Her art has been exhibited or collected in China, Italy, France, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, and other countries. 

Solo Exhibitions

2023: "Secrets" (Mazlish Gallery, New York)

2021: “Window Book" , "Window Bain”open house show (Mana Contemporary, New Jersey)

2020: “Homeless” (Undercurrent Gallery, New York)

2020: “The Other I (The Me in Others)” (White Box Art Center, New York)

2020: “Who is the Me’” online show (AAIE, Rome, Italy)

2018: “Stillness” Painting and Sculpture Exhibition (Beijing Jindo Art Center, Beijing, China)

2016: “Dance Together” (Fun Space Art Center, Rome, Italy)

2015: “Suspending” Painting and Sculpture Exhibition (Ning Space Gallery, Beijing, China)


Group Shows 

2023: “Stepping into a World” Group Exhibition (Max Gallery, New York)

2023: “In the Mood for Love” (VillageOneArt, New York

2023: “Awakening” Exhibition (L private gallery, New York)

2023: “Sojourner” (Sojourner Gallery, New York)

2022: “Weathering” (L Private Gallery, New York)

2022: “Autumn Harmony, Legend Art Exhibition of American Chinese Artists” (The American Chinese Museum, Philadelphia, PA)

2022: The Maverick Expo Edition#13” (New York)

2021: “Hong Jiang International Intelligent Education Forum and Contemporary Digital Art Exhibition” (Guangxi, China) 

2021: "Satellite Art Fair" (Miami, FL)

2021: “Perfect Day,Drugs and Art" (White Box, New York)

2019: “The Beijing Flash Biennale” (No.9 Art Museum, Beijing, China)

2019: “The Logical Lines of Painting-Invitation Exhibition on Making and Significance” (Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Jiangsu, China) 

2018: “The San Venanzio Architecture Exhibition” (Rome, Italy)

2016: “Poetry, Medium Domain”-China Contemporary Abstract Sculpture Art Exhibition (China World National Culture Exchange Promotion Association and Sculpture Magazine, Beijing, China)

2016: “Drunk Art in the Micro Particle” (Sanlitun, Beijing, China)

2014: “Chengdu Art Fair” (Chengdu, China)

2014: "Three Impression Exhibition" (Sweden West East Gallery, Beijing)

2013: “Chinese and French Artists joint Exhibition” (Fontenay, France)

2012: “5th Asian Art Fair” (Beijing International Trade Center, Beijing)

2011: "Type, up and down," Art Invitational Exhibition (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing)


2023: “Sky…Anyone? Dances in the Garden,” Campos Community Garden, New York

2023: Organized “Momentum” Exhibition, L Private Gallery, New York

2023: Chaos inside chaos, L Private Gallery, New York

2023: Taiji-Music Event, L Private Gallery, New York

2023: Organized “Playfield jazz event,” L Private Gallery

2023: Invited to “Women’s Day performance,” L Private Gallery

2023: Ganghood, Tea Ceremony and Guqin Event, L Private Gallery, NYC

2023: Music Event “Controlled Chaotic Series-1, 2,” L Private Gallery, New York

2022: Experimental Theater “Three Exile Theaters,” L Private Gallery, New York

2022: Organized “Visual-Audio Event with Lesley Mok and Rebekah Heller,” L Private Gallery, New York

2022: Organized “Rumi Birthday Celebration,” L Private Gallery, New York

2022: “Celadon Experimental Theater Event,” L Private Gallery, New York

2022: “Troubadour Performance Event,” L Private Gallery, New York

2022: Invited by the Yunnan Art Museum as a guest speaker on the textualization of contemporary art

2022: Founded L private gallery and produced crossover events and experimental art with musicians, painters, sculptors, poets and dancers from different countries and cultures

2021: "Dialogue with Loy Luo" Online Art Exhibition (International Association of Women Artists, USA)

2021: Employed as a columnist of Artron Art Network (

2021: Invited by Beijing Reed Think Tank to be the keynote speaker of the online salon show, "Cyberspace, Homeless"

2019: Recorded "Wordless Chinese Voice Post" with musicians Dou Wei and Wen Bin, Beijing 

2018: Presented lecture, "No beauty, No Expression, No Smartness," at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum

2017: Served as the artistic director of the dance drama "Nine Deaths" by Beijing YouranYuxiao Modern Dance Company

 Public Projects

2012: Completed the Portrait Commemorative Cup of “National LiDelun Conducting Competition”

2009: Participated in the production of relief sculptures for the History Museum of Nanjing University of Science and Technology

2008: Participated in the production of Stone relief mural “Youth BIFT” for Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

2007: Participated in production of large murals “Eternal Heaven and Earth”, “Beautiful Country” “Spirits of China history” “Flowing Melody” for Beijing Capital Airport New Terminal 

2007: Completed two large-scale historical commemorative paintings “Founding Ceremony,” “Battle of Xiangjiang River” for Ruijin Museum

​2006: Participated in production of stone mural “Light of Chinese Medicine” for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine



2022: "Can art serve a role as a cultural bridge between China and other nations?" Viewpoints #22 (

2022: "Responding to Criticisms of the Textualization of Contemporary Art" Published by Dominoart

2021: “New York Art Scene” columnist for

2017: "Loy Luo and Jia Fangzhou's Dialogue on Wu Guanzhong's Art," included in Jia Fangzhou's monograph "Wu Guanzhong Research" and adopted by Artron Art Network.

2016: "Minimalism is not abstract, minimalism is not cold," adopted by Artron Art Network and reprinted by Art International, Art and Fortune Media

2015: “The suspended state is a high-grade gray” interview with Loy Luo by

2013: "Small Discussion on the Dust Explosion Trend of Internet Platforms," in Macau Daily

2013: “Personal Biography and Academic Research of Qu Qianmei” 

2010: “On the manifestation of ‘Tao’ nature of great sculpture art” Excellent Graduation Thesis of Docin Academic Network (

2009: “Non-phase is also phase, an attempt to explore the essence of contemporary art,” Journal of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

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