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L - private gallery 

L Private Gallery is an extension of artist Loy Luo's workspace. The artist's pursuit of artistic quality, enthusiasm for artistic exchanges, and convenient transportation have gradually transformed the space into a place for painters, sculptors, musicians, performance artists and philosophers to collide and display their works. There is a brave spirit of academic exploration and an open atmosphere of artistic innovation.


About the founder

Loy Luo's art world is full of brilliance. As Mr. Jia Fangzhou, a famous Chinese art critic said, Luo is a multi-talented artist. First of all, she has a talent for philosophical thinking, and her artistic creation is closely related to her philosophical thinking. She is regarded by the Chinese art world as one of the most speculative artists. Luo has mastered various professional skills such as painting, sculpture, calligraphy and even singing performances. Her various talents show a high artistic level. Her abstract paintings are recognized as having intrinsic energy and depth; her sculptures have entered the National Abstract Sculpture Exhibition organized by authoritative institutions. Her calligraphy has a family background, and has created her own ancient and simple style of calligraphy, which is highly praised by her art peers.. In terms of contemporary artistic expression, she defines her art practice as action art (a comprehensive, dynamic, multi-layered system of artistic expression). She keeps her mind open enough to try new media and new ideas. She is a model of crossover. Not only does she process art installations and make film and television works by herself, she is also a special columnist for art portals and an art consultant for modern dance troupes; in terms of music, in Beijing, she has collaborated with famous musicians such as Dou Wei and Wen Bin; in New York, she Collaborate with outstanding musicians from around the world...


It is precisely because of the uniqueness of the artist that Luo's artistic creations are being noticed and recognized by friends from more and more countries and regions, and Luo 's New York studio has also become a gathering place for many open and creative artists and thinkers. Here, you can see vivid fragments of the current art world through Luo's interactions with other artists.


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