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links of media about LoyLuo's art

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

News of Artron Art Network

20151128 "Levitation" is the tracking report of "Advanced Grey" Luo Yi's first Painting and sculpture Exhibition

20151121 Luo Yi. Painting sculpture exhibition in ning space "floating" state of the sexual asked for

Luo Yi: New York, I am here! New York, Here I come! The from =timeline&isappinstalled = 0

LuoYi 20180514 art painting and sculpture power delivery in the

Wang Yongxu: Dancing together -- Reading Luo Yi's Painting

Jia Fangzhou: Rational shelter and poetic Breakthrough

Luo Yi: A Change in Silence

Li Xiangming: Abstract expression of sensory logic

20191028 Handsome: if art first luo Yi will be saved

20191028 Red plum: luo Yi comes the other way, very good

Group exhibition consultation report

36 senior artists and works at the Unicorn Art Fair in 201810172018

20171102 [Independent Spirit • The second time] Selected artists list and exhibited works

20160630 "Drunk · Art" contemporary Art Exhibition was successfully held

20190717 A flash mob, a History -- The Unfolding of the rheological documents of Beijing Art District

20160503 Poetic · Medium -- 2016 China Contemporary Abstract Sculpture Exhibition was held in Beijing

How to organize the logical line of painting? Wang Chunchen twenty-four works of contemporary artists to answer

Discover Art in town: The Heart of Nature - sculpture and Installation art exhibition is about to open

Jingmu solo Exhibition other media reports

Art in China

20180514" Jing Mu -- Luo Yi Art Exhibition "opened at Beijing Jindu Art Center

Jingmu 20180508 -- Luoyi Art Exhibition

Tencent Video: Quiet, no emotion (Luo Yi)

Network of fine arts

China Literature and Art Network

Art Chinese Website

Art network

Sohu 798 art network


Writing and Publishing

20170617 Thesis on The Tao of Sculpture Art Recommended by Douding

2009 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology school magazine Art Design Research

2014 Translated Li Xiangming: Narration in Local Language

Luo Yi: Emptiness Lingers in nothingness, Multiplicity vanishes in multiplicity

20160710 Minimalism is not abstract, minimalism is not high and cold

Luo Yi: On the Historical Origin and Internal Logic of Abstract Art from the perspective of the coincidence of history and art history of philosophy

20190730 quiet, no emotion Artron news

20180903 Cultural Differences between East and West -- Similarities and Differences in childhood Dreams of Human Society

20180904 The problems behind the "problems" Ya chang news

20180904 from "My Favorite Designer" talking about a courseware triggered thinking Archang News

The Gadfly becomes a Cow -- To express respect for Mr. Wu Guanzhong with criticism

20171030 Talk about Wu Guanzhong's Art by Luo Yi and Jia Fangzhou in 2010 (I) Artron News

Talk about Wu Guanzhong's Art in 2010 (ii) Artron News

The 2017 travel journal Guardian Temple was published in Hong Kong's Outdoors magazine

In 2017, the featured article "Dust Storm" was published in Macao newspaper

5,Solo Shows Press

Group Shows Press

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