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Three Exile Theaters

Updated: Mar 4

Three Asian artists from China, Japan and Korea collaborate for the first time to interpret the oriental character in a western context.

In New York, where immigrants gather, Asian artists have always been a different scene. On December 3, L Private Gallery will present an audiovisual experiment to the public in collaboration with Japanese violinist, Korean composer and Chinese crossover artist. Let's wait and see what impression will be left between the quiet restraint and mysterious agitation of Asians and the unrestrained and cathartic music of Western contextual music.

Winner of the 2019 GRAMMY Award for Best Chamber Music/ Small Ensemble Performance, Japanese-born violinist Keiko Tokunaga spends most of her days touring and performing globally as a soloist and chamber musician. Keiko has been praised by the Strings Magazine for possessing a sound “with probing quality that is supple and airborne” and for her “pure, pellucid bow strokes”. She has soloed with various orchestras including the Spanish National Orchestra, Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya and Virginia Arts Festival Chamber Orchestra.In 2021, Keiko founded INTERWOVEN, an intercultural ensemble whose mission is to elevate the visibility of the AAAPI (Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander) artists by integrating the musical traditions of the East and West. Keiko holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as Artist Diploma from The Juilliard School. She currently plays on a J. B. Vuillaume violin from 1845, generously loaned by an anonymous donor.

instagram: @interwovenmusic @shortcake_o @keikonomanga


Loy Luo is a crossover artist based in New York. She received a Master's Degree from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2010 and taught art at the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Management from 2010 to 2012. Luo's main focus has been painting and sculpting but she is also a concept and performance artist, a poet, a vocalist and a writer. Her art has been exhibited in China, Italy, France and the US and collected in these countries as well as in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Australia and other countries. Loy Luo cooperated with musicians Dou Wei, Wen Bin, Gamin, Rebekah Heller, Lesley Mok, Kyle Hodgkin and Sufi dancers etc..



Kiyoung Kim is an international, genre-bending composer whose work defies categorization. Since becoming a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Grant in 1995, he has broadened his music career in Japan and New York while collaborating with dancers, theater directors, and visual artists. A classically-trained composer and scholar of Korean avant-garde theater, Kim has received multiple commissions from the National Gugak Center, Korea’s premiere traditional music center. He is also the founder of CMB 567, an organization examining intra-Asian relations through contemporary art and music. Kim’s collaborators include pioneering artists like Shin-Ja Hong, Asoon Ahn, Gloria McLean, Whitewave, String Noise, and Chang-Jin Lee. His compositions have premiered at La MaMa, Dance Theater Workshop, Tenri Gallery, and other venues. He is currently based in New York, where he directs Quiet Revolution, a multidisciplinary performance combining Western and Korean instruments in ritualistic meditation. In 2019, he became a composer-in-residence at Brandeis University.

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