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L Private Gallery Present Troubadour - Warm Winter Crossover Events-1

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Troubadour Statement

As you know , my music lives through all human suffering; My melodious accordion still hides in the ashes of Pompeii; My whistle wandered in the corners of death camps; When earthquakes and hurricanes strike, my gongs and bowls resonate like thunder; Each time a river, lake or sea swallows lives, my throat lets out a long whimper...I am not the devil’s drummer, I want to give desperate people the last light, I may have made sad ones sadder, but they also heard that they are not alone. I am Troubadour.

I am a keeper of history’s records, I am a historical nihilist, I admire heroes and despise them, I am an optimist and a pessimist, I am compassionate and ruthless, I am antagonistic and chaotic, I am a king and a pauper, I am Troubadour.

About Troubadour-Warm Winter Crossover Events

In our indescribable New York, the homeless are its indelible colors, and the soulful performances of wandering artists highlight the emotional fabric of the city. As winter approaches, L Private Gallery is rolling out a series of "Troubadour-Warm Winter Crossover Events". Street musicians will be invited into the gallery to perform audio-visual interactive performances with other artists.

Featured Artists

Kyle Hodgkin Wandering Musician. His style is “ambient loop” music, play in Maidenless and Modern Bandits band. @Kyle Hodgkin

Loy Luo A Chinese artist based in New York. Her main focus has been painting and sculpting but she is also a concept and performance artist, a poet, a vocalist and a writer.

About L Private Gallery

Where painters, sculptors, musicians, performance artists and philosophers collide with ideas and showcase their work. There is a spirit of academic exploration and an open atmosphere of artistic innovation.

Ticket on or at door, $20, door open from 6:30pm

Ins @loyluo email: phone: 347-459-7255

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